Sherwood Park Wedding | Rylee & Quinn

Rylee and Quinn, what can I say!

The day started at the Days Inn in Sherwood Park with Rylee and her fabulous bridesmaids sipping blood orange mimosas and paying tribute to those sweet childhood memories (there was a WHOLE lot of Avril Lavigne coming through the speakers!)

I knew we were in for a back yard ceremony space, but holy moly, me oh my – my jaw hit the floor when we arrived at Quinn’s childhood home and saw the ceremony setup! I mean, c’mon! They built ALL of the benches to seat their loved ones and picked the absolutely perfect line of trees as a backdrop.

After their sweet vows, sealed with a kiss, we cracked open a few cans of beer and went straight into family formals and visiting! I am a huge proponent of taking time to relax and visit with family and friends. Seriously, the day goes by so quickly and those moments are so special!

Once we wrapped up family formals and some cuddles with their dog, kitty, we rolled out and headed downtown to one of my favorite wedding portrait locations in Edmonton – The Muttart Conservatory. Now, I can confirm this was the exact moment I lost feeling in my cheeks from laughing so, so, so hard with this bridal party. Oh my lord, they had jokes for days. We strolled among the “Ancient Pyramids” (I still can’t even type that without bursting out in laughter), we just walked. It was that simple yesterday. We walked among the character homes and pet in our path. I lost count after the 6th dog, but I can tell you it was everything we had all ever wanted.

I usually wrap these up with a big congratulations to my sweet couple who so graciously put their trust in us to capture their special day. While that’s a given, I want to share some other thoughts in the spirit of Father’s Day.

So today, on Father’s Day, I am so thrilled to share some sneak peeks from yesterday’s dreamy backyard wedding. Because yesterday, it was about about family, friends and celebrating how far Rylee and Quinn have come in the last eight years. We were so fortunate to hear sweet words from both dad’s during speeches, and to have a few special moments with Quinn’s Opa.

On Father’s day we traditionally celebrate our own dad’s, but I’d like to recognize the dad’s who made OUR dad’s who they are today.

They walked uphill both ways to school (oh, you know exactly the old story they share around the dinner table). They taught us that when something is broken, we fix it, not throw it away. They know the value of a dollar and showed us just how rewarding it is to work for what you want in life.

They come from a different time, and we continue to cherish these sweet moments we have with them. We also keep sweet memories close to our hearts for those who couldn’t celebrate with us yesterday.

Cheers to Rylee, Quinn, their dad’s, and THEIR dad’s <3

Vendor Love

Photography: Darion Balfour

Ceremony Space: Private Acreage in Sherwood Park

Bridal Gown: Melissa Sweet (David’s Bridal)

Officiant: Sheila Smyth

Florals: Kuhlmann’s

Reception Venue: Normandy Room, Fort Saskatchewan

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