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The character across the properties available in Edmonton and it’s surrounding areas has completely captured my heart. I’ve had the priviledge of being a millenial home owner with my husband and gained exposure to the booming real estate market in our city. Owning two properties is something I could have never dreamed of, but I fell in love with the process of viewing a home as a consumer right from the online MLS listing to the in-person showing. I truly understand the importance of capturing the heart of the home being listed – it goes beyond basic photographs.

Here’s a plot twist. Not only have I personally experienced being on the buying and selling side of our home, I’ve also gained experience working closely with a modular home builder just west of Edmonton. Modular homes are incredibly fascinating as they gain popularity and require a unique strategy to capture their essence.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite Edmonton Real Estate images that capture and convert home buyers. After you’ve enjoyed this blog post, get in touch to chat about a future partnership with your property listings.




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