Changing Millennial Perception

I have to get something off my chest. I’m not ashamed to be a millenial. However, I’m ashamed of the rep we’ve given ourselves. ⁣

Millennials by definition are in the ballpark of 21-37 years old (give or take a few years on either end based on which study you’re referencing).

Listen, I’m 25. I went from playing zoo-tycoon and dialing up the internet to chat with my friends on MSN messenger to consuming a constant flow of information and greener grass on social media. I was in the passenger seat and didn’t have a chance to buckle up as social culture and societal expectations went from 0-200. I didn’t even have a chance to wipe my blue eyeshadow off (RIP).⁣

But, here we are friends. Things such as anxiety, depression, and debt have never been higher. Even with that information in our back pocket we’re still choosing to scroll our lives away searching for greener grass. ⁣

We rush to the store to buy whatever is on trend then stand in line choosing to scroll instead of smile at the people around us. Ironically, the things we scroll through don’t even make us smile anyway. The information we’re consuming reminds us how broke we are, how sub-par our relationships feel, how out of style our wardrobe is… then we go spend money we don’t have to buy trendy clothes and form new relationships. Again, again, and again.⁣

Here’s the thing. This device you’re scrolling on has the ability to change your life. It has the ability to set you up for breaking the millennial stigma. I promise you, on the other side of the fear, anxiety, self doubt and embarrassment associated with this generation there is an ENTIRE life filled with opportunities. Opportunities that will set you up for real life, adult things like retirement, and a career, healthy relationships, positive body image…and dogs. Don’t forget about the dogs.⁣

I am #MoreThanMillenial, and so are you. We don’t have to bring back the blue eyeshadow, but we must bring back the drive to live a healthier, sustainable life. One where we aren’t left searching for the next best thing. We can do it. I know we can. ⁣

Are you with me?


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