In a time where entrepreneurs are popping up left, right and center it is extremely important to stand out from the crowd. Josselyn with Red Executive Services has done exactly that. She’s created an incredibly bold presence that supports her tailored, professional virtual assistant services.

I knew something magical was on the horizon the moment Josselyn reached out to my in Instagram. Yes, we met on Instagram – it’s like the Tinder for business owners. Anyway! We started chatting about how a branding photography session here in Edmonton could support her social media strategy, brand awareness and online presence. We knew that we needed to work in a space that supported her vision – and that space had to be RED! I started my hunt.

My husband and I used this mission to brunch around the city looking for the perfect space to capture the essence of Red Executive Services. We stumbled upon Cafe Bicylette (again, just by searching a local Edmonton hashtag) and knew we had found the perfect space. Over breakfast poutine and an omelette, we tested lighting, angles and dreamed up the details for this session.

Josselyn shared the kindest words about her branding experience that I am truly honored to attach to this gallery.

“When Darion is shooting photos, she’s in her element. I hired her for a branding session, and she took TONS of images. I am extremely detail-oriented and particular about what I want in photos. I communicated this to Darion, and she took MANY pictures for me and sent me a complete gallery within two days of the session for me to favorite the images I liked the most. I appreciated that I was able to personally select the images that *I* liked, and that fit in with my vision for branding. This ensured that every single image I purchase is one I am completely in love with.

I have worked with numerous Edmonton photographers, and each is uniquely talented in their own way. The best way that I can describe Darion as a photographer is open, soft, and natural. She was open to my own suggestions of things I wanted to try in the shoot. She was soft and natural in the sense that her presence was comfortable. It felt like I was hanging out with a friend when I was with her. We had some good laughs during the session.

My branding says strong, bold, confident – so usually I look very serious in my images, which expresses my brand, but also only one side of my personality. The other side is outgoing, smiley, and bubbly. I love that Darion captured my boss babe side, but also some of the natural moments where she made me smile and laugh and it wasn’t posed or fake. Her style as a photographer is bright and airy. She also will take the time to sit down and meet with you over coffee far prior to the shoot to ensure that she understands your vision and that you both feel like a good match for each other. Thank you for a fun branding shoot, Darion!”


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